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Thinking About Africa

Every day you are bombarded with news about Africa. At some point, your curiosity is aroused, and you start to wonder what's so special about Africa. Sooner or later, you find yourself obsessed with it, and you start spending some time googling and studying about it.

Paap, you are hit with a cannonball that, in fact, Africa is not a country, but a continent made up of 54 countries, and over a billion people call it home. As if things were not bad enough already, you are caught wondering they kept talking about Africa, which country were they specifically speaking of.

Now your google search has expanded from Africa to 54 countries.

Which are all very different from each other in terms of size, location, population, culture, and even the language they speak. Now your dream of visiting Africa is becoming more dimmer, and you start losing hope if it will ever become a reality.

Africa is more than what they talk about, it is a diverse continent rich in everything from wildlife, culture, people, tradition, flora, and more so diversity. Every single village is so different from the next village a few meters down the road. People are warm and welcoming; the landscape varies a lot, so its weather. Most African countries have tropical climate around the year, and it never snows if that's helpful. 

One thing I can guarantee you its that you will see sunrise and sunset most of the days if not all.

Planning a safari to any country in Africa is a daunting task, and most people give up midway trying to hack it by themselves. As diverse as Africa is, it goes without saying, most countries are still very undeveloped, and it might be frustrating to find information that you are looking for. Most infrastructure be it roads, communication, and essential services can be of a poor standard or missing altogether. Hence, it is prudent to get help from a local guide to help you maneuver the challenges while still immersing yourself in its beauty that Africa is known for.

My advice for anyone planning or interested in visiting the continent for the first time would be to work with a local person or a local tour agent, together you can hammer out a proper program that not only meets your interest but also satisfy your curiosity. 

At Malazi Safaris, we are experts in this, and you should give us a call.

Can't wait to walk with you in the motherland.

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