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Green Season of it's kind

In the East Africa Safari world, the end of March comes with a slowed-down pace of some sort.  It marks the end of a hectic travel time that starts right before the Christmas Holidays all through to the end of March. This month also marks the beginning of the long rainy season running through to May hence the name Green Season. There is less travel activity happening during this time. It is the best time for the safari lover on a budget looking for some calm and quiet time as accommodation rates during this time are lower. 


The Green Season of 2020 has been of a different kind; the world is caught up in a situation that none of us has experienced before. The Tourism Industry severely hit by lockdowns, restricted movement, borders closed, and flights halted. With this new challenge and one that goes beyond our borders, we are living each day as it comes, dealing with each case as it comes. We are doing our best to amend the bookings rather than cancel them, as this too shall pass. We are playing our part as instructed by local authorities, staying home, washing our hands, and doing what we can to flatten the curve. The sooner this ends, the sooner we can all return to life as we know it.


Kenya, In particular, has been affected from time to time by various challenges. Ranging from security advisories, political instability, and even Ebola Pandemic, never mind that Congo is about 2000 kilometers away. Kenya has always emerged from these challenges stronger and more resilient than before. The Covid-19 situation shall also come and go. At the end of it all, the beautiful destinations will still be there. I imagine they will be there all glammed up with the glow that comes with taking a rest away from all the human traffic. The beaches as white and pristine as ever, the mountains well rested and ready for the mountaineers and people from different parts of the world back to the cultural interactions.


In the meantime, we should take this downtime to do the things we love, something we always felt that we didn’t have enough time to achieve. Ironically for me, one of those things is travel; I will take this time to look at new destinations to visit and do some research on them. Let’s catch up on shows and movies we have wanted to watch, read, nap, exercise, and get some sleep. 

Might be nature’s telling us to breathe and slow it down…rejuvenate.

Editor's Note

Tough Time Don't Last But Tough People Do.